In the spirit of generosity and gratitude, we Stand with Survivors and ask you to join us in sharing their stories and supporting our work.


Why?  We are:

  • Thankful for their strength and courage to lean into their fears and speak out about their abuse, their abusers and the institutions that betrayed them
  • Inspired by their resolution to transform the system that failed them and refusal to accept CSA abuse as an inevitable consequence within the system.
  • Grateful for their resilience and determination to share their painful stories, to heal and to change the world by bringing light to a very dark reality that so many of us choose to avoid
  • Open and willing to learn all the grim details of the truth that our youth serving organizations have failed to protect children.


By documenting and sharing this dark and painful data, together we will change the laws that shield CSA predators and the institutions that harbor them.

Please join us today to show your support for the good work we do. Your donation of any amount makes the difference. Your monthly recurring donation helps us sustain and grow our work So Kids Stay Kids.

A survivor once told me we saved her life. This is why CHILD USA was established: hope for victims and a brighter future for kids.

Marci Hamilton

CEO & Founder of CHILD USA

Join us for a lively discussion with the experts!

The CHILD USA Film Series educates the public on issues of child abuse and neglect. Each event features a film addressing a particular aspect of abuse followed by an in-depth discussion with a panel of experts, advocates, and individuals involved in making the film. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the events are virtual and live-streamed by viewers globally.

Register for upcoming events and see our past screenings below.

‘Sulphur and White’

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Thursday, January 20, 2022

7 pm EST


Sulphur and White is a feature film by Julian Jarrold based on the inspiring true story of David Tait, who was sexually abused as a child by multiple individuals. ‘Sulphur and White’ follows his journey through healing, love, and self-discovery in the aftermath of his traumatic childhood.

The panel discussion and Q&A will feature:

          • David Tait, CEO, World Gold Council
          • Susanne Farrell, Screenwriter
          • Anna Friel, as Joanne Tait
          • Julian Jarrold, Director
          • Mark Stanley, as David Tait
          • Professor Marci Hamilton, CEO & Founder of CHILD USA

Guests are encouraged to watch the film (available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video) prior to attending. We will show a trailer but not the entire film.


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