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CHILD USA is looking for individuals who are passionate about child protection and welfare to sign up to be Community Ambassador Volunteers! 

Community Ambassador Volunteers will be advocates for CHILD USA in their communities and will hold events to raise money for and get the word out about CHILD USA and the work we are doing.  In order to apply, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted with next steps by the organization.  Thank you for your dedication to child protection!

Do you want to get more involved with CHILD USA?

Do you believe children’s rights are human rights?

Meet CHILD USA’s Community Ambassador Volunteers and find out why they said, yes!

Dawn Harter, RN

Chicago, Illinois

“I am a CHILD USA Ambassador because I wanted to join with the organization to bring awareness to child sexual abuse and the devastating, life-long impact it has on the abused person. I was sexually abused as a child by several adults and children and I am honored to have a small part in CHILD USA’s endeavor to end child abuse forever.”

Kamryn Kurtzner Fraleigh

Seattle, WA

“I am a CHILD USA Community Ambassador because I am a survivor of child sexual assault and I believe all survivors deserve justice. CHILD USA works in all 50 states to give survivors their opportunity for justice and I am proud to support them in the work they do.”

Dr. Nicole Gross

New York City, NY
I am a CHILD USA Community Ambassador because… Our children come first – their health, safety and welfare: NO money, power, status, or reputation will silence this CHILD USA mission until ALL our children are protected!

I am deeply honored and privileged to be a part of CHILD USA and participate in the meaningful, impactful work they continue to do with the improvement of human rights of children as an essential core value.


Thurmont, MD

“I want to be a CHILD USA Community Ambassador because the time to be silent has passed. As a survivor of child sex abuse, I remained silent until my late 30’s. Through the strength and courage of my young daughter, I am inspired to use my voice. CHILD USA helps to empower others to use theirs, which is why I support their work and have signed on to be an Community Ambassador.”

Rue Scazafabo-Ryan

Lumberton, New Jersey

“The reason I would like to be a community ambassador for CHILD USA is because first and foremost I believe in the great work the organization is doing in bringing awareness to issues that for far too long have been too hard to talk about or simply ignored. Our children need organizations such as CHILD USA so informative and accurate information can be supplied to the public, and most importantly children can be saved! For me personally CHILD USA will give me an outlet to help others like me who may have been silenced by the abuse they endured. CHILD USA has given me hope, a sense of purpose, and is helping me to be able to turn some of the darkest moments in my life into a new light to help save others.”

Lemetrius Nolan

Wilmington, North Carolina

“I want to be an ambassador for children because I’ve experienced injustices as a mother within the Family Court system and more. I want to help children within the Family Court system and to perhaps make a change in any way possible. So, I’m interested in learning more about CHILD USA and see if I can assist in any way possible.”

Terin Humphrey

Blue Springs, Missouri

I want to be a community ambassador because this organization changed my life. They have done so much for the children and I want to be a part of that. The selflessness of the people involved of this organization is life changing.

Katharine Wenocur

Wynnewood, PA

“Becoming a Community Ambassador for Child USA would allow me to play a small role in an organization that is actively working to end child abuse and challenge systemic structures that facilitate abuse.”

Brian Rule

Ridley Township, Pennsylvania

“I was in a dark place, and that’s when I found out about Child USA. I have met them at many rallies in Harrisburg, and they’re a blessing to me. I want to protect children so they never have to endure what I have. I’m honored to stand with these brave and much needed angels for our children.”

Kim Bergman

Shawnee, Kansas

I am a CHILD USA Ambassador because I want to create change. I am a survivor of child sexual abuse by my gymnastics coach. As a child, I was not able to advocate for myself. My coach was never convicted for my abuse and went on to prey on other vulnerable children. By the time I was strong enough to fight, it was too late. I want to make a positive out of the negative experiences in my life and help change the system for others.

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