Marci Hamilton, founder and CEO of CHILD USA, advocates in USA Today for the urgent cause of banning corporal punishment in public schools. She begins by citing a shocking incident in Florida where a 6-year-old student was beaten by her school principal with a wooden paddle. Despite seeming like a practice from the past, corporal punishment remains legal in about 20 states, predominantly in the South, affecting over 160,000 children annually. Moreover, data shows that students of color and those with disabilities are disproportionately subjected to this form of discipline.

Studies reveal the detrimental effects of corporal punishment on children’s development and behavior, including increased aggression, academic decline, and social skills deficits. The authors advocate for a shift towards restorative justice practices in schools, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to support children coping with trauma.

Hamilton calls for federal legislation to ban corporal punishment in public schools and urges forĀ  increased educational funding to provide necessary services for children. Taking these measures to put an end to corporal punishment is a critical frontier in the nationwide fight against child abuse.

Why corporal punishment in schools should be banned across America