CHILD USA Destination CLE: The Latest on Child Sex Abuse Litigation

10am Latest Updates on National and International Child Sex Abuse Statutes of Limitation Reform

Speakers: Prof. Marci Hamilton

11am Interviewing and Deposing the Perpetrator & When and Why to Depose Your Own Client

Speakers: Jeffrey Fritz, Esq. & Guy D’Andrea, Esq.

12pm Beta Testing from Gen Alpha to Get Z; How 
Social Media Companies are Putting Today’s Kids at Risk of CSAM, Se
xtortion, Suicide, and More

Speakers: James R. Marsh, Esq. & Margaret Marie, Esq.

1pm Lunch

Speakers: Thomas P. Doyle

2pm The Traumatic Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

Speakers: Dr. Steven Marans, MSW, PhD

3pm The Language and Process of Litigation: What the Experiences of Survivors can Teach Litigators

Speakers: Kathryn Robb, Esq.

4pm Delayed Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse

Speakers: Andrew Ortiz, MSSP

CHILD USA’s CLE Experience courses are accredited by the Pennsylvania CLE Board. New York and New Jersey attorneys should note that Pennsylvania is listed as an approved jurisdiction for out-of-state CLE credit.

Refer to your jurisdiction’s out-of-state CLE policy or email i[email protected] to find out if our courses can be used for CLE credit in your state.