Raising hope, breaking

the cycle of abuse, and

making a lifetime of





Welcome to the Child USA’s Raising Hope fundraiser, a campaign to eradicate child sexual abuse. By joining forces, we can create a safer world for our children and spread hope. We’re raising funds to support our work bringing our evidence-based research and recommendations to the capitals and the courtrooms where they’ll make the biggest difference.

The Raising Hope campaign is what we need to achieve our aim of educating parents, caregivers, educators, and communities about child sexual abuse prevention, early detection, and appropriate responses. We must empower survivors to create change and ensure justice for those affected by chld sexual abuse. With your support, we will create safe environments where children are protected, supported, and free to thrive.


Are you ready to start Raising Hope?

" A survivor once told me we saved her life. This is why CHILD USA was established: hope for victims and a brighter future for kids."

Marci Hamilton, Founder and CEO of CHILD USA

Seeking Support: Create an Impact through Meaningful Connections


If you believe all children deserve to thrive, this is your chance to help make that a reality. By joining our movement, you will help empower survivors, educate communitites, and protect children. Your support helps fund our research so we can create change. Together we will make the future safer for children everywhere.

Ready to get started?

Here are our tips for a successful fundraiser:

1. Make it Personal:

Personalize the email template we’ve provided you by adding a message to share why protecting children from abuse is so important to you You matter to your network, so let them know in your own words why this campaign matters to you.

2. Just Ask:

The only way to meet your fundraising goal is to ask for help. You can send out a general call to participate or requests for different amounts from different people-it’s up to you! Be sure to tell your contacts how thye can help you reach your target.

3. Start Close to Home:

In general, it’s best to start with close contracts, those who care most about what you care about, as they are most likely to donate to your fundraiser. Build early momentum by sending personal messages to your close contacts-such as family and friends – and then use your customized version of our email template to connect with all you other catacts, such as colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances. Remember fundraising is a team effort! 

4. Get on Social Media:

Social Media is a powerful tool to expand the reach of your message and keep your network up to date about the progress of your fundraiser. Once you’ve sent your emails, you can post a general message on social media letting people know what you’re up to and as donations come in, you can express gratitude to those who’ve already donated – this will encourage more donations. Be sure to tage CHILD USA so we see the great work you’re doing!

5. Engage over Email:

It’s a good idea to send follow-up emails with progress updates; for example, celebrate milestones as you approach your fundraising goal and request support in achieving the next milestone.

6. Update Regularly:

As more and more people join you, continue expressing your gratitude and consistently update your social media networks on your progress toward your goal.

7. Build Your Own Momentum:

Kickstart your fundraiser by making the first donation. This shows everyone that you’re already making progress and encourages them to donate.