The Relative Success of Civil SOL Window and Revival Statutes State-by-State
JUNE 27, 2017

Check out CHILD USA’s new report.

SafeSport Center: Is It the Answer to Athlete Sex Abuse? 
Indy Star    •   Tim Evans, Marisa Kwiatkowski, & Mark Alesia
MARCH 22, 2017

A new clearinghouse created to investigate sexual abuse and other misconduct in America’s 47 Olympic sports organizations quietly opened last week, and has already received nine complaints.  It has also been engaged in an exchange of tough-talking letters with a pair of attorneys representing a coalition of athletes, coaches and child abuse experts critical of the way the center was structured.

How the Conservative Religious Coalition Won the 2016 Election–Part I: Education
Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
DECEMBER 22, 2016

President-elect Trump has selected Betsy DeVos to be his Secretary of Education. This may well mean the end of the Department of Education itself, although it is more likely that it makes the Department the driving force to dismantle public schools to the benefit of religious schools.

IndyStar’s Investigation on Sexual Abuse in Gymnastics: What We Know
Indy Star    •   Tim Evans, Marisa Kwiatkowski, & Mark Alesiady

DECEMBER 16, 2016

Star has undertaken the first-ever attempt to quantify the scope of sexual abuse in the sport of gymnastics. Reporters also looked into what is behind the abuse — and what can be done to combat it.

The State Law Gauntlet Facing Child Sex Abuse Survivors: A Long Way to Go to Child-Centered Justice
Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
OCTOBER 13, 2016

Herculean efforts across the United States have been undertaken to eliminate the threshold legal barrier for most sex abuse victims: the statute of limitations. Some states have been very successful, while others remain mired in a system that blocks the vast majority of survivors.

Thank You, Penn State
Verdict   •   Marci A. Hamilton
MAY 12, 2016

I am a big fan of Penn State’s academics, where I attended graduate school. When “analytical” philosophy swept the nation’s universities in the early 1980s, displacing continental philosophy, Penn State had one of the few remaining departments teaching continental (European philosophy).