CHILD USA is the nonprofit think tank for children devoted to ending child abuse and neglect, and it leads the way for statute of limitations (SOL) reform in the United States and around the globe. CHILD USA engages in high-level legal and social science research and analysis to derive the best public policies to guide the formation of the best laws and policies for child protection. CHILD USA produces evidence-based solutions and information needed by policymakers, organizations, media, and society to increase child protection and the common good. 


CHILD USA combines these two leaders’ missions to provide a comprehensive approach to end child abuse and neglect.

Professor Marci Hamilton

Professor Marci Hamilton, Founder and CEO of CHILD USA, is an expert on child sex abuse; the statutes of limitations that make it difficult for victims to pursue justice; and religious defenses that may lead to neglect. Hamilton has filed countless pro bono amicus briefs for the protection of children at the United States Supreme Court and the state supreme courts and has submitted testimony and advised legislators in every state where significant statute of limitation reform has occurred.

Rita Swan

Rita Swan, who passed away on October 4, 2022, was a giant in establishing children’s civil rights to health and medical care. We at CHILD USA will miss her dearly. Rita and her husband, Doug, were Christian Scientists, who followed their faith until they lost their young son. Soon, they abandoned the faith and pivoted to become pioneers for children’s rights to health, and founded the nonprofit, Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD, Inc.). Her story is brilliantly told in Dr. Paul Offit’s book, Bad Faith.


CHILD USA is the leading nonprofit think tank fighting for children.

Our mission is to preserve and strengthen children’s rights.

 We achieve this mission through:

  • Fighting for the rights of children to be free from child sex abuse through legal reform of the statutes of limitation and federal bankruptcy law, ending child marriage, and holding institutions accountable.
  • Fighting for the rights of children to medical care.
  • Fighting to ensure every child’s right to a quality education.


Courage: We stand ready to tackle the next challenge.

Purpose:  Our work is child- and victim-centered; we to stand up for the safety of all children and raise the voices of survivors.

Integrity: We have unwavering commitment to the accuracy, consistency, and accessibility of our research.

Justice: We are persistent in our fight for justice and social change.

Teamwork: We value collaboration and respect for one-another, our partners, and those we serve.

Empathy: We prioritize the health and wellbeing of our staff.