The Global Statute of Limitations Reform Task Force (Global SOL Task Force) brings together two powerful forces–the Brave Movement and CHILD GLOBAL–to eliminate statutes of limitations (SOLs) for child sex abuse (CSA) worldwide. CHILD GLOBAL is the leading think tank in the world to document, research, and analyze SOL reform for CSA victims, with a proven track record in the United States, Scotland, and Chile — where the movement was led by Global SOL Task Force member Vinka Jackson and Derecho al Tiempo.  CHILD GLOBAL supplies the intellectual assets to open the door for victims’ access to justice.  Its role in the Global SOL Task Force is to provide its expertise and the creation of a global dashboard to inform the public about SOL reform around the globe.

The Brave Movement is leading the grassroots advocacy goals of the Global SOL Task Force.  It brings together diverse survivor-leaders,survivor networks, and allies from around the world who have proven track records and peer standing for their advocacy. Focused on transformational change, its members are bound by a common purpose: to create a world where children and adolescents can grow up safely and in safety. They will form the vital core of a powerful and transformational voice for systemic, socio-political and socio-cultural change.

The Global SOL Task Force is run in partnership by CHILD GLOBAL and The Brave Movement.

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CEO, Marci Hamilton’s, Introduction for the Global Collaborative For the Protection and Healing of Child Dignity

On September 23, 2022 CEO and Founder, Marci Hamilton, spoke about SOL Reform and endorsed the Global Collaborative For the Protection and Healing of Child Dignity at the United Nations event “International Cooperation on Access to Justice and Remedies for Survivors of Sexual Violence.”

Our Dedicated Team

Prof. Marci Hamilton

Founder & CEO, CHILD USA

Co-Chair of The Global SOL Reform Task Force

Dr. Miguel Angel Hurtado Calvo

Co-Chair of The Global SOL Reform Task Force

Jennifer Freeman, Esq.

Attorney Advocate & Senior Counsel, Marsh Law Firm PLLC

Matthew McVarish

BRAVE Movement Representative on the Lanzarote Committee, Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Vinka Jackson

Clinical Psychologist and Educator

Devyne Byrd, Esq.

Staff Attorney for Global Projects, CHILD USA

Ann Olivarius

Chair of the Executive Committee of McAllister Olivarius

Elysse Stolpe, Esq.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, City of Waynesboro, Virginia

Anne Barrett Doyle