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A teenager was abused by her teacher. The Supreme Court declined to weigh Snapchat’s role

USA TODAY | July 2, 2024

The Supreme Court declined to decide if the student can sue Snapchat. “Although the Court denies certiorari today, there will be other opportunities in the future,” Thomas wrote in a dissent joined by Gorsuch. “But, make no mistake about it − there is danger in delay.”

The case was championed by child abuse prevention groups but it involved the much broader issue of whether social media companies can be sued over user-generated content.

“Social media companies must be held accountable for the harm they are exacting on children through their own misconduct,” lawyers for CHILD USA and other groups told the court.

Texas Rallies for Tougher Child Abuse Laws

Dallas Express | June 27, 2024

In the aftermath of shocking allegations against Robert Morris, former pastor of Southlake’s Gateway Church, Texas lawmakers aim to tighten laws against child sex abuse and those who enable it.

Similar advocacy efforts have gained momentum in other states, such as New York and Louisiana, resulting in law reforms that have enabled hundreds of survivors to pursue legal action.

Survivors Win in Louisiana—On Their Second Effort

VERDICT Justia | June, 2024

Big news for Louisiana survivors. The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled on June 12 that the state’s legislature acted constitutionally when it expanded the statute of limitations (in that state, called “prescriptions”) so that more survivors could sue their abusers in court. Statutes of limitations [SOLs] determine the time limits on when a case can be brought. The new ruling means the courts are open again to victims of sexual abuse.

Keep your eyes on Louisiana. Why? The Archdiocese of New Orleans filed for bankruptcy on May 1, 2020. The fear is that bankruptcy keeps victims’ cases from proceedings and protects the defendants instead of the survivors. We’re not sure yet if the archbishop will listen to the stories of the victims. Or of what will happen to the victims’ cases.

Pa. lawmakers who survived child sexual abuse push for long-sought amendment before leaving office

Jim Gregory and Mark Rozzi may not see their efforts pay off before departing the Legislature.

PA Capital Star | June 21, 2024

Reps. Mark Rozzi and Jim Gregory are among survivors of child sexual abuse who may not see legislation which would give adult survivors a two-year window to sue…

Institutional (Chain of Command) Child Abuse Reporting: An Exploratory Overview

APSAC Advisor | June 2024 | Vol. 37 | No. 1

This study aims to address a gap in the literature in the United States regarding institutional reporting and its impact on children. The study concludes with limitations and recommendations for needed legislative changes to better safeguard vulnerable children and the MRs tasked with protecting them.

Attorneys of alleged YDC victims call for changes in settlement process

WMUR Manchester | MAY 10, 2024

Others who deal with child abuse cases said that any time victims perceive that they are being blamed, it ends up keeping them quiet. Marci Hamilton, founder and CEO of CHILD USA, said her child advocacy group had filed testimony as experts on such issues but isn’t involved in the case directly.

“What’s inexcusable is re-traumatizing these individuals,” she said.

Hundreds of people have sued the state, claiming they were abused as children at the Manchester facility between 1960 and 2018.

Lawmakers Seek Bankruptcy Law Changes for Child Sex Abuse Cases

Bloomberg Law | April, 2024

Childhood victims of sex abuse would be given more tools to navigate the complexity of bankruptcies under a bipartisan proposal from House lawmakers.

Bankruptcy Bill Would Weaken Protections for Organizations Facing Sex Abuse Claims

WSJ PRO | April, 2024

A bipartisan measure would make it harder to seal information in court about past abuse. The new legislation would weaken protections in Chapter 11 for organizations that filed for bankruptcy to address sex abuse claims.

U.S. Rowing Rescinds Ted Nash’s Honors After Abuse Investigation

The New York Times| April 30, 2024

A law firm examining accusations that Ted Nash sexually abused Jennifer Fox — when she was 13 and he was her 40-year-old running coach — found that her claims were credible.

The Right’s Attack on Children

“Parental rights” are all the rage now in some quarters. But when parents gain rights, who loses them? Children.

Democracy Journal | April 29, 2024

Remember the Dark Ages in America for children? Child labor? No public schools? No vaccinations? Now, right-wing politicians, Christian nationalists, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are waging a multifront legislative campaign to bring back those Dark Ages. And they are succeeding.

A Philly lawyer for sexual abuse victims left his firm after an ex-client’s complaint was leaked

The Phila Inquirer | April 27, 2024

Brian Kent left his firm after a confidential complaint lodged by a former client was publicized by a YouTuber called “The Rabbit.” The Inquirer has verified the authenticity of the document.

“We cannot stand by knowing that there appears to be a pattern of manipulative and abusive behavior by Kent toward vulnerable clients nationwide seeking to find validation and justice in the legal system,” said Marci Hamilton, Founder and CEO of CHILD USA. “What he has done is an abomination and must stop now.”

Congresswoman Ross introduces new bill to support survivors of child

CBS 17 | APRIL 18, 2024

The Closing Bankruptcy Loopholes for Child Predators Act is a bipartisan bill that addresses the misuse of the bankruptcy system by organizations facing lawsuits for child sex abuse.

Ross worked on the bill with Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney of New York. She introduced the bill along with Marci Hamilton, CEO of CHILD USA. 

Iowa looks to change statute of limitations law to help Boy Scout sexual abuse survivors

Des Moines Register | April 3, 2024

The passage of this bill through Iowa’s state congress would mean sexual abuse victims could receive the full settlement from the Boy Scouts organization that was initially asked for, providing another step toward justice for these survivors.

‘Victims are suffering’: Advocates call on Cleveland diocese to release names of 145 clergy accused of child sexual abuse in 2002 report | April 10, 2024

National and statewide advocates called on the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland to release the names of 145 current or former priests who were identified in a Cuyahoga County grand jury report as child sexual abusers but whose names have remained a secret for more than two decades.

Report: Latin America’s progress on helping sex abuse victims

AXIOS | MARCH 21, 2024

Latin America is on trend to abolish statutes of limitations on sex abuse crimes against minors, according to a recent report. The report, published last week, is the first from the Global Statute of Limitations (SOL) Reform Task Force, established in 2022 by CHILD USA and the worldwide campaign Brave Movement.

Geoff Drew case brings new reforms, same old roadblocks in Ohio legislature

WCPO Cincinnati | March 21, 2024

Two years after ex-Cincinnati Priest Geoff Drew pleaded guilty to raping a student, an anti-grooming bill is nearing a vote in the Ohio House. But some say it won’t be enough.

‘It Erases Us’: Sex Abuse Survivors Troubled By Washington State Bill

LAW360 | March 8, 2024

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign into law a bill that eliminates time limits for bringing child sex abuse claims in the future, but survivors say they are disappointed by an amendment stripping the bill’s retroactivity, saying the legislation doesn’t go far enough to hold abusers accountable.

Why Payouts Are All Over the Map for Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Victims


As a Boy Scout victim from Alabama, Gill Gayle is likely to get around $15,000 from a settlement fund compensating child sexual abuse victims, according to estimates. 

But if he had been abused in New York, he would be eligible for more than 10 times that amount.

Bill on statute of limitations reform passes out of Missouri House committee unanimously for the second time


The bill is an effort to make Missouri legislation on child sexual abuse response and litigation more reflective of the timeline survivors need to process, come to terms with and come forward about what happened.

During his presentation on HB 1617 earlier this month, Seitz cited a study published in March 2020 by CHILD USA highlighting the delayed disclosure of abuse among adult survivors.

CT must extend the statute of limitations for child sex abuse cases


Connecticut’s statute of limitations for suing predators or institutions that enabled childhood sexual abuse is arbitrary and draconian

Alabama Senate approves bill allowing Boy Scout abuse victims to pursue damages


The Alabama Senate Tuesday approved a bill that would allow survivors of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America to take full advantage of the bankruptcy proceedings against the organization.

Navigating Systemic Change:
Your Call hosted by Rose Aguilar with guests Marci Hamilton, and Kalimah Johnson

KALW | JANUARY 24, 2024

In a thought-provoking episode of Your Call, hosted by Rose Aguilar, the spotlight was on the deeply rooted issue of sexual assault, with a focus on why influential figures like Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly managed to evade justice for so long. Expert guest Marci Hamilton, Founder and CEO of CHILD USA, underscored the pervasive nature of childhood sexual abuse, revealing a startling statistic: at least one in five girls falls victim before turning 18, cutting across societal realms.



BALTIMORE ( – The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Washington is mounting a constitutional challenge against Maryland’s Child Victims Act (CVA).The CVA, which became law in April last year and went into effect in October, eliminated time limits to file civil lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse. Previously, Maryland law prevented victims from suing once they turned 38.

Child-Porn Claim From Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ Image Revived by Court


Nirvana shouldn’t have so easily escaped a child pornography lawsuit as time-barred because republication of the “Nevermind” album cover represented a new offense within the law’s statute of limitations, the Ninth Circuit said.