January 18, 2023

CHILD USA Responds to a Misleading Report on the Economic Impact of a Pennsylvania Revival Window on Child Sex Abuse Claims in Schools


Our experts have analyzed a new report from the Susquehanna Valley Center for Public Policy and found significant methodological flaws in their approach. Namely, their report vastly exaggerates the cost to public schools of a constitutional amendment to open a revival window in Pennsylvania.

The authors have cherry-picked data to inflate the cost estimates by at least 10x and estimated that the liability could be billions of dollars.

In our official response, Social Science Director, AJ Ortiz, focuses on the facts to explain why the SVCPP’s estimates are inaccurate and why a constitutional window in Pennsylvania is sound public policy.

“The Susquehanna Valley Center report is a poor attempt at scaring Pennsylvania’s taxpayers into opposing SOL reform. The authors misuse social science research and wildly exaggerate the estimated impact of a revival window on PA public schools. We expect the number of claims against public schools would be less than one tenth of the numbers estimated by the Susquehanna Valley Center,” says AJ Ortiz, CHILD USA’s Social Science Director.

Please download and use the fact-based analysis provided in this comprehensive report from CHILD USA. Our SOL Reform experts are always available for comment.

Available for Comment:
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AJ Ortiz, Social Science Director, CHILD USA (215) 539-1906


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