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The headlines have been filled with the scandals in the churches, sports, schools, and the entertainment industry. Those stories were not easy to report at first, but the media now routinely reports with accuracy and sensitivity (usually) on these arenas. That leaves out the place where the most abuse (by category) occurs. That’s the family, which I often call the “last frontier,” because it is the most difficult for society to see or accept as true.

No one wants to think that defenseless children are at risk simply from going home, or that fathers, mothers, siblings, or grandparents would do horrendous things to their children. But they do. And our child protective service organizations in the states struggle to keep up with the magnitude of it.

If you watch nothing else to understand how our society has let down our children who are being abused in families, watch the 6-part documentary The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix.

Families are also a front line to protecting children, of course, and this section is for you, and the caregivers who are spending so much time with children. Parents need to understand the signs of sex abuse and the effective tips to prevent harm, which is why CHILD USA has put together these tips. There are numerous resources in this universe, and we have selected the ones we believe will be the most helpful.

We have far to go to educate the culture, the courts, and the public about the prevalence of sex abuse at home, where a child should be safe and sound. That is one of the goals of this section, and, of course, of CHILD USA itself!

Here’s to nurturing and loving our children.

— Prof. Marci Hamilton, Founder/CEO of CHILD USA


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