For Survivors & General Interest

This is the category that prompted me to start thinking an online resource library is a good idea. There are two scenarios that led me to believe there is a need for such a library. First, there is the adult survivor who was abused decades ago, and now decides it’s time to come forward. You deserve solid information to understand what happened to you and how to find your way out of the labyrinth that is the internal struggle with child sex abuse. These materials are for you.

Second, there are the families where a child discloses that they have been abused. The shock is difficult to absorb, and parents and the child (anyone under age 18) immediately seek knowledge and wisdom. So do siblings, by the way. There are so many who have taken this path before, it is only humane to gather resources here for you to get some early understanding without the pain and triggering that can arise with googling this topic. These materials are for you.

They are also for anyone who wants to understand the basics of child sex abuse.

This section of the portal focuses on the big picture. Some of them are classics like Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk’s The Body Keeps the Score while others are new like The Gift of Forgiveness. Each one makes a distinctive contribution to understanding child sex abuse for survivors, their families and friends, and those who work with children. These materials not only can be helpful in one’s journey of healing, but also to assist anyone working with children who wants to understand it. They are valuable for understanding and prevention.

Everyone has their own best way to learn, which is why we have included suggested reading and viewing: books and articles, documentaries and videos, and online resources.

Here’s to enlightenment and healing!

— Prof. Marci Hamilton, Founder/CEO of CHILD USA


Our selected books are typically available in public and/or university libraries.

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