CHILD USA is a trauma-informed organization and is dedicated to providing a safe space in the library for everyone- victims, survivors and professionals. The goal of our well-being section of the portal is for members to be able to review information related to trauma and healing. If you or someone you know has suffered from sexual abuse, the most important thing for that victim to do is work towards creating a healing environment for him or herself.

Working towards a healthy well-being is essential as you heal and work towards dealing with your trauma. Included in the well-being section of the portal are trauma and well-being tools, guides, and resources for you to review. The well-being section of the portal will always be growing and evolving so members of the portal can continue to learn and grow. CHILD USA can support an organization or company that would like to have additional training and support.

— Prof. Marci Hamilton, Founder/CEO of CHILD USA


Our selected books are typically available in public and/or university libraries. The link provided is a path to purchase if you so choose.

The Deepest Well by Nadine Burke Harris

Dr. Harris uses this book to explain the ways that childhood trauma can have long term physical health effects. The book also provides tips for breaking the cycle of child trauma and adult health problems.

Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain by Paul Hegstrom

The book reveals how childhood trauma can influence a person’s psychology well into their adult years.

Healing Developmental Trauma by Laurence Heller and Aline LaPierre

This book helps those on a journey to heal early trauma to gain a healthy self-image and sense of self.

How to Survive Your Childhood now that You’re an Adult by Ira Israel

Licensed counselor Israel helps adults uncover and support their inner self that they may have buried during childhood.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

A work of art, Milk and Honey uses prose and poetry to discuss abuse, trauma, and femininity.

Childhood Disrupted by Donna Jackson Nakazawa

This book uses data on adverse childhood experiences to draw the link between these experiences and future illnesses.

Creating a Safe Place: Helping Children and Families Recover from Child Sexual Abuse By NCH Children and Families Project

The book uses survivors’ experiences to illustrate the healing abilities of patient-centered therapeutic approaches.

Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker

The book works to introduce an audience, unfamiliar with academic psychology, to the ideas around the development of post traumatic stress disorder and healing from the disorder.

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness by David A. Treleaven

Treleaven’s guide provides practical information to help those who have suffered from trauma experience safe mindfulness meditation.

Healing Trauma by Dr Dan Siegel

This book, edited by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Marion Solomon, Ph.D., provides a synthesis of the work of researchers, clinicians, and theoreticians who are leaders in the field of trauma, attachment, and psychotherapy.

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van der Kolk

This book uses scientific research to show how trauma reshapes the body and the brain and explores innovative treatments for recovery.




Caring for Kids: What Parents Need to Know about Sexual Abuse

The fact sheet focuses on the critical information that parents need to be aware of to help their children after they have experienced sexual abuse.


How Trauma Lodges in the Body by Bessel van der Kolk (from the podcast On Being by Krista Tippett)

The podcast explores the way that trauma can mark the body and lodge into someone’s life.

Documentaries & Videos


Measuring and Monitoring Children and Young People’s Mental Wellbeing

This 30-minute presentation provides evidence based information to guide parents and teachers on the ways to evaluate the mental wellbeing of children and teens.

Understanding Trauma: How Stress and Trauma Cause Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD

Horace Mann Action Coalition

Child Well Being and Healthy Homes – HUD

This 2.5-hour live stream discusses a variety of housing issues that may affect a child’s physical health.

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids – New Horizon

This 12-minute video provides fun illustrations to help kids participate in mindfulness meditation.

Trauma Stewardship

St. George’s Report on abuse at Rhode Island Boarding School

Kids Yoga Poses Compilation – Cosmic Kids Yoga

This 1-hour yoga video provides a fun and illustrative yoga class for young children.

C-PTSD Behavior Explained - Common Traits, Triggers & Treatment Options | BetterHelp

Positive Steps to Mental Health and Well-being

Online Resources


Thinking About Your Well-Being

Building and Engaging Resilience

Self-Care Guide: Taking Care of Yourself when Impacted by Trauma

Guide for Teachers and Sexual Abuse

Trauma Guide for Caregivers

Strategies for Caregivers

ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences

Guide for Coaches and Sexual Abuse

Survivor Healing Resources by the Younique Foundation (Strategies of healing, goals/planning, self-care, managing triggers, relationships, etc.)

The Younique Foundation provides survivors of trauma with survivor resources such as books, self care exercises, and information about personal relationships.


Time to Break Free by Judith R. Smith

This meditation guide is intended to help women in their journey of self healing from day one to one hundred after leaving an abusive relationship.

Time to Fly Free by Judith R. Smith

A sequel to Time to Break Free, this book helps women avoid abusive relationships in the future and continue on their path to self healing.