June 30, 2021

With HB951 Tabled for the Summer, There Is No Summer Vacation for the Victims of Child Sex Abuse in Pennsylvania by Marci A. Hamilton | CEO & Founder of CHILD USA


June 28, 2021

Anti-Trans Legislation Harms Our Country’s Children by Nicole Brigstock | Postgraduate Fellow at CHILD USA


June 21, 2021

Abolishing the Child Welfare System Would Harm Victims of Child Abuse by AJ Ortiz, MSSP


May 10, 2021

Healing Takes Time: Delores’ Story  by Kristen Pfautz Woolley, RN, BSN, LCSW


April 14, 2021

Understanding Cognitive Biases So We Can Listen to Survivors Better  by Carter Timon, MBDS. | Lead Social Science Researcher at CHILD USA


April 8, 2021

The “Parental Alienation” Defense Endangers Children  by Jessica Schidlow, Esq. | Staff Attorney at CHILD USA


February 24, 2021

Ohio Toddler’s Tragic Death Need Not Be in Vain if Ohio Courts Seize the Opportunity to Hold Reckless Child Protection Agency Accountable for its Role in the Child’s Abuse and Murder  by Lauren Majewski, Esq. | Staff Attorney at CHILD USA


February 22, 2021

Watch This Movie about Richard Sipe by Leslie C. Griffin


February 10, 2021

The Two Roads to Justice for Pennsylvania’s Chlid Sex Abuse Victims in 2021 by Marci A. Hamilton, CEO, CHILD USA


February 1, 2021

Learning from Roy Mouton’s Truthful Novel, In God’s House by Leslie C. Griffin


December 28, 2020

Reading Dyan Elliott’s The Corrupter of Boys: Sodomy, Scandal, and the Medieval Clergy (U. of Pennsylvania 2020) by Leslie C. Griffin


December 21, 2020

Death of Roger Goudy – President and CEO of AAU by Sarah Powers Barnhard


December 14, 2020

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit is a Model for Other States by Alice Bohn, Esq. | Staff Attorney at CHILD USA


December 9, 2020

The REAL Educational Neglect: Reflections of a Former Teacher by Jillian Ruck | Executive Director at CHILD USA


November 23, 2020

Arizona’s Window is Closing on December 30, 2020 by Alice Nasar Hanan, Esq. | Staff Attorney at CHILD USA


November 16, 2020

No, I Wasn’t Lucky! by Jason Lauren


November 9, 2020

An Update on the Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse by AJ Ortiz, MSSP | Researcher at CHILD USA


October 27, 2020

Rice v. Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown, et. al.


August 24, 2020

Promoting Child Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Professor Autumn Kujawa, Ph.D.


July 29, 2020

2020 Mid-Year Review: Child Sex Abuse Statutes of Limitation Reform by the CHILD USA Legal Team:  Alice Bohn, Lauren Majewski, Alice Nasar Hanan, Jessica Schidlow 


June 29, 2020

A More Inclusive Pride by Addison Fiend


June 15, 2020

Speak Up! By Dr. Jason Hiram Lester


June 4, 2020

Stand With Me.  What does it mean to stand in solidarity? By Charissa Howard


May 18, 2020 

If Kids Were at the COVID-19 Policy Table… By Marci Hamilton


May 11, 2020

What it was like to have gone through the system and come out the other side? What are my concerns about what we will see on the “other side” of the Corona pandemic? By Katrina Yearicks


May 4, 2020

Unintended Consequences for Children of the COVID Shut Down by James Dwyer 


April 27, 2020

CHILD USA’s Pro Bono Amicus Advocacy Project: Taking on Cutting Edge Child Abuse and Neglect Legal Issues by CHILD USA’s Legal Department: Professor Marci Hamilton, Staff Attorneys Alice Hanan & Jessica Schidlow, and Legal Fellow Alice Bohn


April 20, 2020

Hollywood Is Letting the #MeToo Movement Become #NotMe Harassment: Time’s Up for Celebrities Attacking Their Own Victims by Marci Hamilton, CEO of CHILD USA


April 13, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic wreaks havoc on survivors seeking justice under the CVA but it will be worse for survivors who have not yet come forward unless the CVA is extended by Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is a nationally-recognized trial lawyer and advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. He is a trailblazer in the representation of victims of sexual abuse, devoting 100% of his 25 years in practice to the cause. He believes that empowering abuse victims is the most important part of representing them. Victims of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation from all over the United States seek Jeff out to represent them in civil lawsuits.


April 6, 2020

COVID-19’s Deleterious Effect on Child Sex Abuse Survivors and the Critical Need to Pass a One-Year Extension of New York’s Child Victims Act by Jennifer Freeman

Jennifer is an attorney, barred in NY and Florida, with the Marsh Law Firm, representing approximately 600 victims with child sex abuse claims under New York’s Child Victims Act.


March 30, 2020

Statute of Limitations (SOL) Summary in Our New Normal by Kathryn Robb, Esq.

Kathryn Robb is a lawyer, legislative advocate, and law instructor who has been fighting to pass meaningful child sex abuse legislation for 14 years in multiple jurisdictions. As an outspoken survivor of child sexual abuse, Kathryn continues to use her voice to implement common-sense legislative change.


March 23, 2020

A Call to Action: Children Are at Heightened Risk of Abuse During the COVID-19 Crisis by Professor Marci A. Hamilton , CEO, CHILD USA 

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus, Children, and the Common Good by Professor Marci Hamilton, Founder and CEO CHILD USA